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Integrate your existing Application with our E-Invoicing Middleware. Get E-invoicing as add on for “Phase 1” or “Phase 2” or “both Phase 1 & 2”
Integrate Seamlessly ! Integrate with ZATCA in few hours!

Fully VAT Compliant and an approved e-invoicing software as per the Zakat, tax and Customers Authority in Saudi Arabia.




E-invoicing integration with your existing systems (Cloud or On-Premises)

E-invoicing for Phase 1 & 2
E-invoicing only for Phase 2 also available

Electronic Billing Solutions for ZATCA

Keep your business compliant all the time

Phase One (Generation phase)

  • Generation of Tax Invoices and Simplified e-invoices
  • Storage of e-invoices
  • Approved invoice templates
  • QR Code Integration
  • Confirmation of the QR code with the Zatca mobile app
  • Send Mail to Buyer automatically from the application
  • Control your invoices payments and outstanding summary

Phase two (Integration Phase)

  • Integration with Fatoora portal
  • Onboard devices & generate OTP
  • E-invoice generation and hashing XML - Tax & Simplified invoices
  • Generate Digital signature
  • Integrate the Zatca QR code
  • Generate PDF/A3 with integrated XML
  • Dashboards in the application
  • Track acceptance/rejections
  • Take corrective actions with simple clicks
  • Send Mail to Buyer automatically the approved e-invoices

Einvoicing Middleware Solution

Easy to use and flexible E-invoicing application for Phase 1 & Phase 2

Your needs

  • Integrate e-invoicing with your existing ERP or applications
  • Not to touch a running application but stay compliant with ZATCA
  • Minimum investment to integrate a proven E-invoicing solution
  • Quick integration and scale up
  • Quick support
  • Tracking your invoices from your System to Middleware to ZATCA

Our Solutions

  • Our E-invoicing solution can connect with any external applications
  • Flexible data exchange types like CSV, XML, JSON, IDOC, SQL, Oracle, Quickbooks
  • Cloud based or on-premises (recommended)
  • Integration with Phase 1 and Phase 2 OR only Phase 2
  • Plug and play tools
  • Dashboard to track all your invoices end to end

E-Invoicing Integration Features

One of the top e-invoicing providers in Saudi Arabia

E-invoicing as a middleware

Plug in our e-invoicing module into your applications or systems

Pure middleware for processing your invoices

Flexible integration file types

Zero training required to use the application

Simply login and follow the steps to create your e-invoice

On Premises & Standalone

We recommend on-premises version for your integrations

Your server or cloud gives more flexibility for integration

Secured protocols

Application is secluded with high security standards

All your data is encrypted/hashed

ZATCA Integration

Solution is capable of integrating for ZATCA Phase 1 and 2

Only Phase 2 integration is also available

Plug and Play

Standard integrators available for SAP, Oracle, Quickbooks

Other integrators - APIs, XML, JSON, CSV

Standalone Phase 2 integration

From “Device Registration” to “ZATCA Invoice

Unique invoice number or use your invoice number options

E-invoicing Integration flow

Integrating your existing application through various format.
Schedule your integration with ZATCA

E-invoicing Middleware solutions - Cloud or on-premises

Dashboard, Error handlings, invoice tracking, view logs

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Highly cost effective and flexible e-invoicing solution

  • Customers management
  • Products or Services
  • E-invoices – Tax or Simplified
  • Credit notes – Tax or Simplified
  • Debit notes– Tax or Simplified
  • Diverse invoice templates
  • ZATCA Compliant invoices
  • Invoice payments
  • Customer statements
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Unlimited users
  • Roles creation
  • User authorization and rights
  • Invoice uploads from excel
  • Send invoice by mail to customers
  • ZATCA Phase 2 Integration
  • CSID, UDID, Hashing, Digital signature
  • Automatic Send of einvoices to ZATCA
  • Tracking of invoice status
  • E-invoicing Dashboard
  • Integrated Accouting, Sales, purchase, inventory and production


29 SAR

  • Single User


39 SAR

  • Upto 10 Users


69 SAR

  • Unlimited


Highly cost effective and flexible e-invoicing solution


30 days free trial

One time Fees

  • Server hosting and setups
  • Protocol setups
  • API integrations
  • Sandbox testing
  • Training
  • Data uploads
  • User Management
  • Cloud or onpremises setup
  • Phase 2 API customisations

Monthly Subscription fees

  • E-invoices automation
  • ZATCA compliance
  • Application Support
  • Upgrades
  • Server Maintenance
  • L1, L2 and L3 support
  • Change requests
  • User trainings
  • Users onboarding

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Your next steps

Simple and easy onboarding process

Discussion with your Application Team
Integration protocol definitions and data exchange definitions
Configuration of the protocols like API, Database connection etc.
Pilot invoices - Testing
Integration testing and automation
Validation of the data exchanges

Future Scalability

Get additional modules without any additional Costs

Accqrate is not only an E-invoicing solution but also a full-fledged accounting and Business solutions application. The price includes the below modules as well
Accounting Solution
Cost Center Management
Sales Management
Purchase Management
Production Management
Asset Management
Service Management
Integration with other solutions/ERP
HR & Payroll*
Document Archiving Management*
*Not included in the price. Separate quote for HR & DMS

Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-invoicing

E-invoices are digital invoices following certain standards and norms. They are generated from an application in a consistent format and with mandatory information needed for Taxation purposes. Some of the key information that a tax e-invoice should contain are Buyer name, Buyer address, Buyer CR no, buyer VAT no, Seller name, Seller address, Seller CR no, Seller VAT no, Material information, date of supply, price, amount, VAT%, Vat amount at line level and VAT amount at invoice level, QR code compliant with the tax authorities. It is important that all these fields are consistent without errors and with running number of the invoices. Any errors will lead to penalties. It is possible to do an e-invoice manually but it could definitely have manual errors which poses a huge risk for an organisation in terms of penalties. The digital invoices are not just pdfs but they need also transmit data in an encrypted way to the Tax authorities. These kinds of communications happen in XML or Json format over a secured protocol which are known as “structured data transmission”. Manual encryption and transmission is possible but comes with lots of efforts and risks.

What are all the documents covered under e-invoicing?

Following are the documents that are covered under e-invoicing

Tax invoices – These are quite detailed invoices and mostly suitable for B2B customer invoices

Simplified tax invoices – These are simple invoices with basic information and mostly suitable for B2C customer invoices like ecommerce or POS.

Credit invoices – These are similar to detailed invoices format and suitable for B2B and B2C

Debit invoices – They too follow the same standards like Tax invoices

Why e-invoicing is mandatory in Saudi Arabia?

ZAKAT implemented digital invoices in Saudi Arabia from Dec.2021 for Tax Management and control.

Phase 1 (from Dec.2021) objective is to enable all Businesses in Saudi Arabia to send digital invoices as per the ZAKAT norms with the QR code that is embedded in Base64 code format

Phase 2 (from 01.Jan.2023) objectives are

  • Tax payer should register in ZAKAT portal
  • On Registration, digital certificate will be created by ZAKAT
  • Solution provider like Accqrate will send the invoices to ZAKAT but before sending, using the company key, the digital signatures will be done on the invoices and transmitted
  • Response will be given by ZAKAT and the invoices are approved

ZAKAT has released the SDK documentations to validate the XML generations and QR codes. ZAKAT is yet to release the documentation for the integration phase with digital signature and transmission.

What are all the phase involved in e-invoicing?

Phase 1 (from Dec.2021) objective is to enable all Businesses in Saudi Arabia to send digital invoices as per the ZAKAT norms with the QR code that is embedded in Base64 code format

Phase 2 (from Dec.2022) objective is to transmit all invoices automatically to ZAKAT through web services for which ZAKAT already published the file formats and protocol. All companies should create digital e-invoices and transmit the same to ZAKAT. ZAKAT will then approve these invoices and return with digital signature.

How Accqrate ERP will help in e-invoicing?

Accqrate is providing e-invoicing solutions for various segments of Business from Micro to Enterprises. For Micro business with one user, Accqrate provides free e-invoice. No subscription needed. Simply click the link, create the invoice and send by mail. Invoices will be available for 2 years for reference anytime. For Small medium business with multiple users, Accqrate offers a cloud based e-invoicing solution. In just 3 clicks, a company can subscribe to the platform and in less than 30min, start e-invoicing in full-fledged. Accqrate wizard guides the upload of past or masters from an Excel into the application. For Enterprise business, already using an ERP solution, Accqrate offers cloud based or on-premises e-invoicing solution. The application integrates with any ERP/Solutions like SAP, Quickbooks, Zoho and Magento. In less than 8 hours, we can integrate your existing business solutions with Accqrate for e-invoicing.


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