Data Security

Following are the steps taken for the data security

  • Complete database is encrypted and stored. Only the application knows the key to decrypt and show in the ERP
  • All the user name and password details are hashed and stored.
  • All the APIs of the ERP can only be authorised through private key which can only be exchanged with ERP. It is not possible for the any external sources to call the APIs without any authentication and correct protocol
  • Inbound user requests are initially handled by Domain Name Services, which route your traffic to the proper infrastructure endpoints.
  • Content Delivery Networks provide the least latency and the highest speed to create an exceptional end user experience for static application content.
  • Load Balancers allows configurability and flexibility to manage the traffic and resource usage of server nodes in your environment so that no single device gets overwhelmed.
  • The Web App Server component is the heart the web application, serving up core application to end users. Cloud server infrastructure is built using high performance containers on Cloud Foundry-based runtimes.
  • The User Registry Services enable authorization and authentication to secure resources across application.
  • Session and Data Caching ensure low latency data access and prevents data loss for a robust end-user experience. Additionally, Storage services allow to customize and have total control over storage needs.
  • Managed Database Services deliver high-perform