Accqrate ERP Success story

Accqrate was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing blockchain-based solutions for digital signatures. Accqrate was created with the intention of replacing digital pdf signatures with blockchain-based invoice transmission in the European market. Initially, e-invoicing and digital signatures were handled through interaction with market giants such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics. In the years that followed, the roles became increasingly refined, eventually resulting in ERP. We sought to create a cloud-based ERP for digitalizing micro firms and small medium organisations with 2 to 5 users. Our goal, as in previous years, is that ERP should not be limited to enterprises with expensive setup and operating costs. We wanted individuals and small businesses to be able to install Business in couple of hours. Accqrate was created with the goal of digitising with the least amount of work. The cloud-based ERP will walk users through the process of setting up their firm in couple of hours. The programme is ready to start with day-to-day transactions after metadata-based master configurations, followed by excel uploads.

With its recent introduction in Saudi Arabia, Accqrate has grown at an exponential rate. Saudi Arabia’s tax officials have begun the process of converting all tax invoices to digital format. Accqrate, a well-established player and expert in digital invoices, recognised a market need at the right time and rolled out its solutions to a wide range of micro, small, and medium businesses. The application gained popularity through “word of mouth” due to its simplicity, user friendliness, and rapid speed UI traversal. The user base in Saudi Arabia reached 1000 users in less than 30 days after the introduction in December 2021, with more than 10,000 digital e-invoices every month.

The following were important success factors:

• Provided the right e-invoicing solution without over engineering

• Simple and easy usability even for users who have never worked with web applications before

• Metadata driven and setup of any company in less than 2 hours

• Multi-language application – Seamless maintenance of application in Arabic and English

• Simple customised invoice templates that can be modified without any technical knowledge

• Compliant to norms and also approved by ZAKAT – Saudi Tax Authorities

Accqrate is expanding into new markets such as Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Africa, and India. The product’s objective is to help start-ups, micro, small, and medium businesses deploy ERP without having to invest heavily in infrastructure, training, development, and customisation. The ERP is less expensive than a burger! Our ambition is to help businesses become digital and focus on expanding and scaling their businesses rather than wasting time and money on commodity services like information technology.

Our voyage began in the Swiss Alps and continued to other sites throughout the world. The application is constantly improved with new processes and essential business demands while maintaining a strong focus on usability, security, and performance. We tried to keep things as straightforward as possible. ERP is no more a business of IT service providers implementing for months or years, but rather a matter of a few clicks and hours. That is what Accqrate has been doing successfully for its consumers. Our motto is “ERP for all.”

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