We passionate in digitalisation and support micro, small and medium business. Our goal is to offer ERP from a single owner business to an enterprise company.

Accqrate was founded with the goal of providing blockchain-based solutions for replacing traditional digital signatures in the European market. Initially, Accqrate was a blockchain based e-invoicing and digital signatures solutions to integrate with ERPs such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics.

In the years that followed, Accqrate transformed itself as a simple and elegant ERP application. Initial goal was to provide a cloud-based ERP for digitizing micro firms and small medium organizations with 2 to 5 users. Our vision was “ERP for laymen”. ERP was always a sphere for enterprise companies that can afford to spend for an ERP. Accqrate was aimed to change this trend and make ERP as a commodity. Subscribe and use model was very welcomed by our micro and small business customers.

Accqrate was strengthened further to scale up to Enterprise businesses and change the trend of having external suppliers and implementation partners for ERP. The ERP offers full suite of modules – Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Fixed Asset, Production, CRM, POS, Services, HR & Payroll

Implementing ERP in 7 hours is our mission and we have come a long way through with this as many of our small businesses have gone live in a day.

With its recent introduction of e-invoicing solutions in Saudi Arabia, Accqrate has grown at an exponential rate. Accqrate is one of the trusted solution providers of ZATCA (Saudi Arabia’s tax authorities) to support its digital transformation journey.

Accqrate is expanding into new markets such as Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Africa. The product’s objective is to help start-ups, micro, small, and medium businesses deploy ERP without having to invest heavily in infrastructure, training, development, and customisation. The ERP is less expensive than a burger! Our ambition is to help businesses become digital and focus on expanding and scaling their businesses rather than wasting time and money on commodity services like information technology.

Our voyage began in the Swiss Alps and continues to other geographies throughout the world with focus and dedication.


Clients Feedback

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